Spotlight on Our Essential Baby Hampers

Spotlight on Our Essential Baby Hampers

At The Baby Hamper Company we know that having a baby means doing countless loads of washing! From feeding clean ups, sickness and what comes out the other end, babies can get changed more times than thought possible in a day. That's why the essential hamper is filled with everything your child needs to stay cosy and stylish, which is why we put it together. Your kid will stay toasty all winter long in our variety of hats, stockings, and bibs, which are all made of 100% cotton and are ideal for delicate skin.

Newborn Baby Clothes Starter Set

Our popular newborn baby clothes start gift set with the classic stripe print is something to consider. A particularly useful newborn present for a boy or girl is this original Newborn Baby Clothes Starter Gift Set! which includes a lovely, fashionable assortment of premium, everyday favourites made entirely of cotton. This baby apparel starter set includes garments that are perfect for leaving the hospital and may be worn in a variety of ways. 

Essential baby clothes hamper in stripe print

In this hamper is:

  • Grey and white blanket with reversible stripes and stars. Ideal size for a cot or stroller. 
  • White sleep gown with elastic at the bottom which is great for quick changes. 
  • Grey and white striped sleepwear. has a popper clasp and an envelope neck. 
  • White sleepsuit with a grey "bunny face" pattern with a popper clasp and an envelope neck.
  • Grey and white striped bodysuit which has a popper clasp and an envelope neck. 
  • White bodysuit with a grey "bunny face" pattern. 
  • Grey and white striped hat.

We also provide a set of newborn baby clothes with a focused print of stars. A wonderful new baby present would be this lovely starter set of newborn baby clothes. You can't go wrong with this collection of everyday favourite articles of baby apparel made of 100% cotton and appropriate for a girl or a boy. The items in this hamper are suited for babywear all year round and have a lovely grey and white colour scheme with a star print. 

Baby essential clothes gift hamper

In this hamper is:

  • Reversible blanket with a star and stripe pattern in grey and white, ideal for a pram or cot. 
  • A pure white sleep gown. This has an elasticated bottom for easy changing even in the middle of the night!
  • Grey and white star print sleepwear that has a popper clasp and an envelope neck.
  • White sleepsuit with a grey "bunny face" pattern. 
  • Star print bodysuit in grey and white. 
  • White bodysuit with a grey "bunny face" pattern.
  • Grey and white star pattern on the hat.

Personalised Baby Essentials Hampers

Try our Personalised King For A Day Baby Boy's Hamper for a more customised touch, made especially for little boy's. A personalised blanket, a personalised crown hat, and a personalised baby outfit are included in this adorable set. This hamper is ideal for welcoming a young prince and will make your new baby feel like a king. 

Personalised baby essentials hamper for boys

In this hamper is:

  • Personalised Crown theme baby blanket: This 100% cotton incredibly soft blanket is the ideal pram size and can be personalised with your new baby's name inside a crown design. 
  • The baby bodysuit with a customised Crown motif, available in sizes 0 to 3 months, is made entirely of white cotton. 
  • A sweet knotted cap with a personalised Crown motif to complement the blanket and bodysuit is available in sizes 0 to 6 months.

We also offer the customisable Queen For A Day Baby Girl's Hamper. So let us introduce the newborn girl's hamper, "Queen For A Day"! Any newborn princess will adore receiving this elegant new baby gift. She will feel like the most special person in the world thanks to the lovely pastel colours and regal design. Therefore, the Queen for a Day hamper is the perfect choice if you're looking for a really thoughtful new baby gift. 

Personalised baby girls essentials hamper

In this hamper is:

  • Baby blanket with personalised Crown design - Made of 100% cotton, this pram-size blanket has your new baby's name embroidered inside a crown motif. 
  • The baby bodysuit with a custom Crown design, available in sizes 0 to 3 months, is made entirely of white cotton. a bodysuit with popper closures and short sleeves.
  • A lovely tied baby hat with a personalised Crown pattern to match the blanket and bodysuit. 0 to 6 months in size

All of these hampers make a great choice of baby gift for any new mum or dad. 


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