Breastfeeding Pillow/Sponge Wedge for Larger Breasts Advice

Breastfeeding Pillow/Sponge Wedge for Larger Breasts Advice

One of the friends of The Baby Hamper Company, said this was a life saver for her, so we thought we'd write a little article about it on this blog page.

Breastfeeding for mums with larger breasts can often be very difficult and frustrating, trying to get the right angle for baby and be comfortable. It can be so frustrating having to constantly adjust baby and not have any hands free to be able look after other children. Her mid wife suggested she use a device she called her 'Boob Wedge'. It was a small wedge shaped piece of foam that you place under the breast while feeding. It proved to be invaluable in preventing mastitis ( from which she had previously suffered), and just made breast feeding a whole new relaxing and enjoyable experience. She ultimately she managed to carry on much longer than she would otherwise have been able.

Breastfeeding wedge

The correct name is a Breast Pillow and are available in the UK from


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