How to Create Your Baby Gift List - Our FREE baby gift registry

How to Create Your Baby Gift List - Our FREE baby gift registry!

Congratulations, you are expanding your family! Most pregnant parents, whether you or your partner are pregnant, adopting, or working with a surrogate mother, have an important decision before the latest baby arrives. Creating a perfect baby wishlist! Your friends, family and colleagues are likely to be very excited to give you a gift, and registration for our baby wishlist's is an easy and convenient way for them to do so.

With The Baby Hamper Company this is FREE of charge and super easy to set up!

Creating A Baby Wishlist

By registering, you are more likely to get exactly what you want and what you actually use. They are also a great way to track baby items you want, receive, and still need. But there is a problem here. Creating a baby wishlist or registry can be quite overwhelming. There's a lot to think about, especially at some point in your life when you're not looking for more to undertake. You can utilise our baby list expertise to help you through this process. We'll walk you through the steps to create the best wishlist for your family, filled with the products you actually use when your child arrives.

There is no correct answer as to when you need to create and start your baby's wishlist. Some parents start enrolling towards the end of the first trimester, while others wait for a little further. Some parents start registering as soon as they know about their baby but wait until about the 20th week to add items.

Baby Wishlist by The Baby Hamper Company

For newborns, you can be confident of one thing-with a lot of love and wishes for your new arrival, and perhaps a new gift for your baby. Whether it's your first baby or not, you've probably spent a lot of time preparing for arrival over the past few months, including making a list of what you need. 


To create a wishlist with The Baby Hamper Company, the process is simple -

  • Sign in to your account or create a new one on our website.
  • At the bottom of each product you want to add, there is an Add to Wish List button to add this product to the list.
  • To access your wishlist click on this link
  • Wishlists can be updated and distributed.
  • Create a baby shower wish list and add all the gifts your child needs and some gifts for yourself. Your friends can see what you've requested, see everything currently available, and use the built-in chat if you need help or ideas.


Thanks to your wonderful wishlist, everyone knows what you want, so we are confident that you are both over the moon.

What Should I Add To My Wishlist?

So there's probably a long list of things that will help you when your new arrival appears, and it's not embarrassing to formulate a baby shower wish. Anecdotally, many people prefer to buy from the list because they know they have what they really want and don't have it yet. As for the list of baby showers, people tend to put in a wide variety of gifts, so our advice is to add what you like. That way, your list is likely to include gifts in a wider price range, so everyone can find something (or colleagues can team up!).

The types of items that have been found to be useful to new parents are -

baby girls outfit set


baby sleeping bag


baby toys for wishlist

Your Wishlist

In the meantime, you may even have met people who told you, "Oh, don't buy it, someone will buy it for you." That's why it's important to create a new baby wishlist. This allows family and friends to get what they know they need. In addition, if your time is so precious, it saves time to return duplicate or unwanted gifts, thus giving you more time to spend with your precious new baby. 

Don't forget all of your specially chosen beautiful gifts will be hand wrapped in our luxury wrap and delivered directly to you. 

Create your perfect baby gift wishlist online with us today!


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