New Products at The Baby Hamper Company for August 2022

New Products at The Baby Hamper Company for August 2022

At The Baby Hamper Company we offer a wide range of gifts designed with newborns and parents in mind. Our gift range offers a selection of gifts to welcome a new baby into the world (as well as a selection of sibling-friendly gifts to help prevent sibling rivalry), with each and every gift being something that will benefit the baby and something that the parents will cherish and appreciate for many years to come. 

We are committed to offering our customers a diverse gift selection, as well as a regularly updated range of gifts, which is why we’re so pleased to share our newest baby collection that’s ideal for August 2022 gift buying. 


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We have lots of lovely additions to our gift range available, with every gift carefully curated to ensure that it will be a hit with babies and parents alike. If you’re looking for a new baby gift, look no further. 

The Pebblechild Avocado Baby Rattle Toy 


Pebblechild avocado baby toy


Pebblechild Avocado Soft Toy - £7.50

For a sensory toy that really catches a little one’s attention, this design is perfect. This handmade rattle is designed to be super soft and wonderfully lightweight, making it ideal for even the youngest babies. Featuring a bold green avocado design, complete with a bright smile, this rattle is wonderfully eye-catching, and makes a soft sound when shaken, making it ideal for younger ones. It really is a cute, quirky toy that would work wonderfully as a gift for a newborn or as part of a hamper. 

Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon 


Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon


Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon - £19.95

There’s something wonderfully exciting about this toy design. This fun and interactive toy is made from soft, durable fabric and is designed in a selection of bright, bold, contrasting colours. Made to act as a fantastic sensory toy for babies of all ages, this flappy dragon includes an easy-pull cord that causes the wings to flap, and features feet that have a noisy crinkle to them when touched. For babies of all ages, this fun, flapping dragon design is the ideal gift. 

Lamaze Mini Clip and Go Candy The Carrot 


Lamaze Candy the Carrot


Lamaze Clip and Go Candy The Carrot - £10.95

How cute is this sensory baby toy? If you’re on the look out for a toy that’s designed to be fun and engaging for a new baby, look no further than this Mini Clip and Go Candy The Carrot toy. Featuring a cute, cuddly design, this clip-on carrot shaped toy is ideal for using on-the-go and clips easily onto car seats and prams alike. Babies often lose toys by throwing them from their prams or tossing them from their car seat, which is what makes this clip-on design such a great gift option. 

Baby’s First Numbers Book 


Baby's First Numbers Board Book


Baby's First Numbers Board Book - £5.95

Want to encourage reading from a young age? Then this is the perfect newborn gift. This bright and vibrant counting book is suitable for babies of all ages and is the perfect way to help a little one learn to count, as well as to encourage reading. Featuring a selection of bold illustrations and a diverse colour palette, this board book will make a wonderful gift - or a great addition to a baby hamper. Parents will love reading this easy-to-follow book to their little ones and will think it’s a fantastic gift. 

Organic Mouse Soft Toy 


Organic Mouse Soft toy


Organic Mouse Soft Toy - £15.95

How gorgeous is this neutral-coloured mouse toy? This handmade, machine washable soft toy is designed to be suitable for babies from birth and is perfectly sized for little fingers and hands. It features a subtle green and beige striped design and is wonderfully cute to look at. Made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, this super soft mouse toy is ideal for babies of all ages and is a great way to encourage imaginative play as your baby develops and grows over time. 

Animal Band Musical Box 


Animal musical box


Animal musical box - £7.95

For a gift for an older sibling (over three years old), this music tin is the perfect option. It’s a classic nursery toy that features a beautifully nostalgic design. When the box is wound up it will play a soft melody of nursery rhyme, Old Macdonald Had A Farm, with the tin prints with a selection of cute animal characters along the sides. This toy is not only great for soothing and entertaining little ones, but it’s also a great way to help improve and aid babies hand eye coordination and as they grow.


To see all of our latest new products, head to our ‘New Products’ page. 


You’re sure to find something that you like and think would work well as a newborn gift or as part of a baby gift box.


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