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      Create your very own unique and unusual new baby gifts UK right here — bursting with the best thoughtful gift for newborn babies and mother ideas!


      Baby Boy & Baby Girl Gifts 

      A new baby is always a cause for celebration. Accordingly, new baby gifts are an excellent way to share the joy of a newborn or the parents. There is always something for everyone, from new baby gifts that last years to baby gifts for parents.
      If you are unsure which baby gift to send, consider yourself lucky because this section answers all your questions. In a nutshell, always consider the purpose of the baby gift before deciding on what to buy. For instance, is it something that will be used straight away after the baby is born? Accordingly, you can take the sentimental route by buying a useful gift for both the baby and the parents. In other words, there are many baby gifts to choose from. All you need to do is pick something that reflects your style, sentiments, and budget.

      When to Give Baby Gifts?

      Everyone loves to buy their loved ones a gift on special occasions, but no occasion is more exciting than the arrival of a new baby into the world. Traditionally, a gift is given to the baby within a few days after birth, but with the trend of baby shower gifts becoming more popular, gifts are often presented before the baby arrives. The items sent often include clothing, toys or equipment that can be used for the baby when they’re small or as keepsakes for them to treasure when they’re older.

      Help! I Need Some Baby Gift Ideas and Gift Ideas for New Mums

      You’ve come to the right place! Here at The Baby Hamper Company, we specialise in unique baby gifts and new mum and baby gifts. We have developed a unique way to send special gift sets to the newborn in your life. We present them in a beautiful hamper box, finished with a big red bow to give a luxury and high-quality feel. We have a variety of baby products to choose from, including boys and girls, unisex, twins, mother and baby, “really useful” and more. Choose from our unique selection of mother and baby gifts.

      How Do I Create My Own Baby Gift Hamper for a Special Present?

      You choose items for a baby boy gift hamper or a baby girl gift hamper from our online selection. We fill your bespoke box with those new baby gifts that will be treasured by the new parents. Choose items from our unique and original selection of products for baby girls and baby boys, including–

      · Newborn baby clothes

      · Baby Soft toys

      · Gifts for new mums and parents

      · Baby blankets

      · Personalised baby gifts

      · Baby Hats

      · Baby Socks

      · Baby Bibs

      · Luxury Baby Gifts

      Why Choose The Baby Hamper Company for My New Baby Gift Hamper?

      Since we were established in 2012, we’ve become skilled in the delivery of original and modern new baby gifts as well as new mum gifts that won’t break the bank! We are online-based, so you can order your perfect baby present easily and from the comfort of your own home. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your new baby gift hamper will be delivered quickly to your loved ones, and they will love the surprise when opened.

      Don’t take our word for how good our service and products are — see what our customers are saying, by clicking the Feefo widget on the left of this page. We also offer delivery for baby gifts in Europe and worldwide. All our orders come with FREE luxury gift wrap and FREE UK DELIVERY over £99 spent!

      How Will My Baby Gift Hamper Be Delivered

      We can arrange for your new baby gift hamper to be delivered by post to the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide, with express options available to UK customers. The new baby gifts inside the box are first hand wrapped in luxury tissue, then packaged into our beautiful hamper boxes and finished with a posting box to keep the contents inside super-safe. We pack all our baby gift hampers with love and care and send them out just how we might want to receive them. Included in each of our baby gift hampers may be a message card to that you simply can add your own personal message.

      What Is a Good New Baby Gift?

      There is no denying that purchasing a baby gift is often challenging. However, the experience can also be thrilling. Therefore, you ought to make sure that you choose the proper baby gift. Whether you're expecting a baby or buying a present for a friend, there are many options for you.

      To choose the best new baby gift in the UK, make sure you think about what's appropriate for the baby’s age since something safe for a six-month-old might not be safe for a three-month-old. Accordingly, choose gifts which will be used for the end of the day. In other words, consider age-appropriateness, usefulness, and longevity. 

      Where to Buy a New Baby Gift?

      There are many places you'll buy unique new baby gifts within the UK. For instance, you'll be shopping at one of the various one-stop baby gift shops like The Baby Hamper Company. A great idea is to treat new mummies also and you can choose from our range of mum and baby gifts.

      Why Do We Buy New Baby Gifts?

      This is one of the foremost exciting questions and with many answers. First, you can purchase new baby gifts to get ready for the arrival of your baby. In this case, you'll choose between various baby gift baskets or hampers that have clothing, baby towels, blankets, toys, etc.
      When you give a baby gift hamper when the child has been born, you help parents celebrate the arrival of their little ones. It also helps them with the cost of baby necessities they will need in the first few months. Lastly, buying new baby gifts shows love for the family by gifting something for the child’s life.

      What Is a Thoughtful Baby Gift Box?

      Although there are many baby gifts you'll get for a new loved one, choosing a thoughtful baby gift might not be a simple task. That is why you would like to form sure that you simply catch on the right by considering age-appropriateness, purpose, usefulness, and longevity. You may also want to seem into your budget. However, you ought to confine mind that whatever you select may be a thoughtful gesture, and it counts. If you're still undecided, you'll undergo our catalogue of adorable and thoughtful baby gifts all wrapped in our luxury gift box and hand-tied red ribbon!

      What is the Best Idea For a New Baby Gift?

      Here is the secret that the majority of people don't know. Babies need one of each item. Think of products that aren't basic items. This way, you'll be making your baby gift unique, useful, and nostalgic.
      Another way to make sure you choose a unique new baby gift is by going the emotional route. Consider choosing personalised clothing or something that helps keep memories alive for years. 

      What Should I look for When Buying a New Baby Gift?

      When you want to shop for new baby gifts, confirm you know their purpose. For instance, do you need a gift which will be used immediately from the day the baby arrives or one they will use when the baby is say 6 months old? Once you discover the aim, buying a newborn baby gift is going to be more manageable. Babies will always have stuff from day one. However, not everything will be used in the first few months. Therefore, make sure you choose baby gifts which will be useful from the day you welcome the baby into the planet.

      How Much Should I Spend on a Newborn Baby Gift?

      There is no straightforward answer to the present question because baby gift prices vary significantly. This should not worry you because we have the best range of new baby gifts for nearly every price point. You can always find something that matches your budget.

      When Should I Buy New Baby Gifts?

      This question is on many people's minds, especially once they find out someone they know is expecting a child. It is understandable because you are excited. However, there's no official timeline to shop for new baby gifts. As long as you're ready, go for it. If you're preparing to gift a friend, getting your new baby gifts ready before the baby shower date would be wise.

      Is it a Good Idea to Send Baby Gifts Before the Baby is Born?

      There is no rule on when you should send baby gifts. However, although some cultural myths associate buying baby gifts before the child is born with bad luck, there is no proof that this is true. If you live in a community where this is the case, it might be a good idea to wait. Otherwise, you can purchase your gift and have it delivered at the time and address of your choice.

      What is the Best New Baby Gift for a Baby Shower?

      If this isn’t your first child, getting the best gift for a baby shower shouldn't worry you because you recognise what children need within the first few months. However, if this is your first rodeo, make sure that you get a useful gift. Whether you're buying a mother-to-be or for yourself, there's the best range of unique and unusual baby gifts in our catalogue. Everything we stock will help parents navigate the primary few years smoothly. Our adorable selection of new baby hampers always goes down well!

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